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Hey it’s Kash this an introduction to me.  I live up north so I basically grew up enjoying snowmobiling with my Dad on the trap line and watching him skin in the basement, so your going to hear me talking about skidoos alot.  I go ice fishing to the point were i can’t feel my hands, and for you Wingham kids the average is usually -20 to -30 here in the winter and we lots of snow I have lots of pets and about 5 snowmobiles (one is broke down) Like most kids I do play lots of video games (mostly PC).  When it isn’t winter I go biking, Quading, camping and again play video games.  I live in Snow lake MB we work with a class in Wingham Ontario over the onternet with google docs, Skype and well… word press blogs. 


2 responses to “Hello!

  1. I think this is a well thought out post Kash. Although i already knew most of this stuff I only thought you had 3 sleds :P. Guess I was wrong. I hope you continue writing you’re blogs like this.

  2. Emil

    Hey Kash It’s Emily I liked your post about yourself going snowmobiling and ice fishing I can’t say that that’s what we have in common because I don’t have a snowmobile and I don’t go ice fishing but I have a lot of pets like you do. I have 5 dogs and 1 of them just had puppies a few weeks ago. I also have 2 leopard geckos, 1 fish, a bird, a bunny and we’re getting a horse :). How far up north are you? I live in Teeswater ON but I go to Wingham for school and it gets pretty cold up here too. I loved reading your post because I wish I could do some of the stuff you do.


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