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Idea Hive interest survey

Hey I’m back with some stuff about our idea hive interest survey.  The idea hive interest survey is when our teachers give is a interest survey to fill out to see if we can find similarities.  I couldn’t find anybody who is similar so I have to skip that part and move on to the next part, people who are nothing like me well this part is EASY,  I kind of went through the list and picked a person who is least alike from me according to what I actually do other than on the survey I found Jacob c is one of the least like me but he tied with a couple of people for the spot.


3 responses to “Idea Hive interest survey

  1. Hey Kash, I read your post it’s pretty good, the only thing I think you should work on is trying to make your blog a bit longer, but that is the only thing I think you need to work on. 🙂

  2. crairayn

    Hi Kash I’m Craig and I was having trouble finding something good to say. I like though how you said who your least like because you couldn’t find who you were most like. I found I was most like Wesley.

  3. bennewe

    Hi Kash I’m Ben it looks like you had troubles finding someone who you are alike, well I had some troubles too. The way I found out that I’m like Riley from your class is by going down the list and looking at all the questions. I was just wondering what you guys do in Snow Lake for fun.

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