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Twinkies gone Extinct?

Hostess, the company of the widely known Twinkies is shutting down operations due to a dispute with workers in the U.S. which of course means there is a limited amount of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and many other popular snacks in the U.S. so don’t be worried this is not going to affect Canada because the Montreal-based company Saputo takes care of Canadian Twinkies.   This is how it started but hostess announced on Nov. 19 that they will attempt to fix the problem with the workers therefore the Twinkie will live for a little longer yet in the U.S. But if you look on CBC there is a Quote and it basically says Hostess can still sell the Twinkie name (and all the others) to another brand and then possibly that company can take over all these iconic pastries and keep making them.  In the end my opinion is that either another company can take over the Twinkie making process or Saputo could possibly ship Twinkies down to the U.S.



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