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“Gangnam Style” is the Youtube Champion!

365984-gangnam-styleEveryone is familiar with the most popular song to hit the west lately by the name of “gangnam style” by the south korean rapper PSY inspiring Youtube videos of whole families doing the “invisible horse” dance.   Well….. it finally broke the youtube record at 805 million views and passed Justin biebers video for his song “baby” which is at 803 million views but right now your thinking that it’s only 2 million views over Justin Bieber well… yes but there is a funny thing about this, gangnam style was uploaded July 2012 but JB’s video was uploaded in February 2010.

>Bloggers opinion<

I am personally not surprised that PSY’s video is so famous because in general it is catchy and overall awesome plus it is hard to keep a strait face watching the invisible horse dance mainly because of how robotic it looks in the video.  I first saw the actual video in the start of August and only watched it twice since then but I encourage PSY to keep up the good work!  CBC also did a story on it.



2 responses to ““Gangnam Style” is the Youtube Champion!

  1. Justin

    I think that you described it very well and i think it is a very interesting topic good job

  2. kassieannemarie123 ⋅

    Hello Kash, So I read your post and it was very well written, and interesting because I personally love gangnam style my self! It’s so much fun to dance too, and when you finally get the hang of it, it’s addicting.
    And you are right, its hard to keep a straight face while watching people dance to it because it’s hilarious! ~ Great post Kash, keep it up!!

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