“Self Defense is no Offense”

On November 2011 a Nigerian University Student by the name of  Olaolu Femi was walking with his friend in the city of Luhansk Ukraine when a gang younger people attacked them,  he was later taken by the police for attempted murder and faces 10 years up to life in prison.  Olaolu has been in a pre-trial detention center for the past year the past year.  There is a facebook page supporting Olaolu hoping to help get him out.  “Self Defense is no Offense” is the quote of the page.

I think that the group of hooligans That attacked the man should be the ones in trouble.  Hearing this story and reading about it makes me seriously think, is this a form of racism?  Not just what happened but the fact that they detained the dark man and not the offenders.  I live in Canada so the fact is we have many immigrants, sure the odd one is up to no good but most of them are the nicest people you’ll ever meet!images


“Gangnam Style” is the Youtube Champion!

365984-gangnam-styleEveryone is familiar with the most popular song to hit the west lately by the name of “gangnam style” by the south korean rapper PSY inspiring Youtube videos of whole families doing the “invisible horse” dance.   Well….. it finally broke the youtube record at 805 million views and passed Justin biebers video for his song “baby” which is at 803 million views but right now your thinking that it’s only 2 million views over Justin Bieber well… yes but there is a funny thing about this, gangnam style was uploaded July 2012 but JB’s video was uploaded in February 2010.

>Bloggers opinion<

I am personally not surprised that PSY’s video is so famous because in general it is catchy and overall awesome plus it is hard to keep a strait face watching the invisible horse dance mainly because of how robotic it looks in the video.  I first saw the actual video in the start of August and only watched it twice since then but I encourage PSY to keep up the good work!  CBC also did a story on it.


Twinkies gone Extinct?

Hostess, the company of the widely known Twinkies is shutting down operations due to a dispute with workers in the U.S. which of course means there is a limited amount of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and many other popular snacks in the U.S. so don’t be worried this is not going to affect Canada because the Montreal-based company Saputo takes care of Canadian Twinkies.   This is how it started but hostess announced on Nov. 19 that they will attempt to fix the problem with the workers therefore the Twinkie will live for a little longer yet in the U.S. But if you look on CBC there is a Quote and it basically says Hostess can still sell the Twinkie name (and all the others) to another brand and then possibly that company can take over all these iconic pastries and keep making them.  In the end my opinion is that either another company can take over the Twinkie making process or Saputo could possibly ship Twinkies down to the U.S.


Do energy drinks kill

This has been very controversial on the news lately, 15 deaths and 33 hospitalizations believed to be linked to the “5 hour energy” drink which has the equivalent of two cups of coffee.  On the 16th of November 2012 on CBC morning news they showed a small interview with the owner of the company and showed some footage from you tube showing people chugging 5 hour energy and he basically this is what kills and hurts people, not drinking one a day.


5 hour energy logo


After all this Nova Scotia could be making a law to not let people under the age 19 buy 5 hour energy drinks, which doesn’t make sense because a monster or a rock star have more caffeine than a 5 hour.  After this all I can say is don’t drink more than 3 of these a day and you’ll be fine.   


Cbc story

5 hour energy


I would put videos up but there is too much swearing so if you wish to see the best video search “chugging 5 hour energy” on you tube and click the top one.




Idea Hive interest survey

Hey I’m back with some stuff about our idea hive interest survey.  The idea hive interest survey is when our teachers give is a interest survey to fill out to see if we can find similarities.  I couldn’t find anybody who is similar so I have to skip that part and move on to the next part, people who are nothing like me well this part is EASY,  I kind of went through the list and picked a person who is least alike from me according to what I actually do other than on the survey I found Jacob c is one of the least like me but he tied with a couple of people for the spot.


Hey it’s Kash this an introduction to me.  I live up north so I basically grew up enjoying snowmobiling with my Dad on the trap line and watching him skin in the basement, so your going to hear me talking about skidoos alot.  I go ice fishing to the point were i can’t feel my hands, and for you Wingham kids the average is usually -20 to -30 here in the winter and we lots of snow I have lots of pets and about 5 snowmobiles (one is broke down) Like most kids I do play lots of video games (mostly PC).  When it isn’t winter I go biking, Quading, camping and again play video games.  I live in Snow lake MB we work with a class in Wingham Ontario over the onternet with google docs, Skype and well… word press blogs.