Do energy drinks kill

This has been very controversial on the news lately, 15 deaths and 33 hospitalizations believed to be linked to the “5 hour energy” drink which has the equivalent of two cups of coffee.  On the 16th of November 2012 on CBC morning news they showed a small interview with the owner of the company and showed some footage from you tube showing people chugging 5 hour energy and he basically this is what kills and hurts people, not drinking one a day.


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After all this Nova Scotia could be making a law to not let people under the age 19 buy 5 hour energy drinks, which doesn’t make sense because a monster or a rock star have more caffeine than a 5 hour.  After this all I can say is don’t drink more than 3 of these a day and you’ll be fine.   


Cbc story

5 hour energy


I would put videos up but there is too much swearing so if you wish to see the best video search “chugging 5 hour energy” on you tube and click the top one.